AquaPure 700 Salt Chlorine Generator

AquaPure 700 Salt Chlorine Generator
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The AquaPure system utilizes water softening technology to provide wonderfully smooth, and gentle-on-the-skin water for swimming. Say goodby to red, irrated eyes, itchy skin, green hair and even faded swimsuits. JUST ADD SALT! Dissolve low levels of ordinary salt in your pool and watch the AquaPure system go to work. Chlorine is generated automatically and naturally in your pool. Once the chlorine?s purification work is done, it automatically converts back to salt, to be used over and over again. AquaPure is a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly was of purifying you pool and spa. The AquaPure system utilizes proprietary titanium plates, coated with precious metals, to convert salt to natural chlorine. AquaPure has an automatic ?self cleaning? feature that ensures consistent operation and extends the life of the cell. We are a Jandy ProEdge dealer with over 20 years of swimming pool and spa experience. This is the single best that we have seen in the swimming pool and spa business in the last 20 years. For pools up to 12,000 gallons.