Pool Blaster Max

Pool Blaster Max
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Pool Buster Max Handheld Pool Cleaner is a revolutionary new product that allows you to clean your pool in one-third of the time. You do not need any, electrical cords, hoses, booster pumps or suction lines. It attaches to ordinary vacuum pole for easy mobility. There's nothing to install or assemble. Pool Buster Max has a reusable, easy-to-clean All-Purpose filter bag. It is a rechargeable, battery powered, self-contained underwater swimming pool vacuum. Operation time of up to 1 hour when fully charged. Pool Buster Max includes a high flow vacuum motor, spot cleaning nozzle, brushes for Vinyl lined pools, wheels for Concrete or Gunite pools, built-in hanging notch for easy storage, long-life rechargeable battery, high-quality re-charger and reusable filter bag.