Pool Rover Junior - Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Pool Rover Junior - Above Ground Pool Cleaner
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The Pool Rover is an affordable automatic pool cleaner for residential in ground pools. Using its patented jet drive system, it can clean any size or shape of above ground pool in about an hour. Wide wheels allow the unit to easily navigate depressions and wrinkles in the pool liner. Operating independently of the the main pool filter, the Pool Rover works with no hoses, no hook-ups, no booster pumps or suction lines. Maintaining a sparkling clean pool has never been so easy. Just place it in the water, push a button and that's it! You get to watch IT do the cleaning or spend your time on other tasks. The Pool Rover utilizes a highly efficient, reusable filter bag and a powerful water vacuum. The robot is capable of filtering unwanted debris as small as 2 microns in size, yet still allows up to 2500 gallons of water to flow through per hour. This results in the removal of sand, silt, hair,metal particles,bacteria, and most algae. In addition, larger debris such as acorns, leaves, and twigs, are quickly removed. When a pool cleaning cycle is complete, simply hose out the easy to remove filtration bag and it is ready for its next use in a few minutes. Lightweight Easy to Operate Does not rely on the main filter No hoses or poles Safe Just pennies per cycle